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Providing Commercial
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Services such as:

Plant Floors Bollard Poles
Truckwells Dumpster Pads
Driveways Patios
Catch Basins Dumpster Rails
Curbing Concrete Ramps
Sidewalks Guard Rails
Approaches Pit Fills
Mezzanine Decks Trench Footings
Aprons Piers

From conception through design to finished product, Delta provides in-house services to accommodate all of your concrete and flatwork needs.


Driveway busted up? Cracked Concrete?

Every spring in Michigan we get a second gift from winter — POTHOLES! Not just on the roads, concrete driveways and parking lots can become a mess. And just like the roads, the longer you wait the worse it gets.

Don't make it "construction season" in your factory parking lot.

Does the concrete flatwork in your parking lot or driveway look as bad as Michigan roads?

We can help.

Cracks and potholes in your factory lot can cause a host of problems. They add stress to your machines and equipment. They can be costly or dangerous to vehicles for you, your employees and your customers.

We are your Concrete Flatwork Specialists.

As a complete industrial contractor we can fix your concrete flatwork quickly, efficiently and without major disruptions to your daily factory schedules.

Delta can fix your concrete, inside or out.

New cracks, chipped floors, and slab upheaval are only a short list of the problems that you may see in your plant floor. Not only are these areas an eyesore, but they put extra stress on your factory equipment and machines. Plus they can be safety hazards too. We can remove and replace these damaged areas efficiently without messing up your production schedule.

Need an Engineered Concrete Solution?

We work directly with the concrete batch facilities, allowing us the ability to offer our customers specially-engineered concrete mix designs to facilitate usage within 72 hours.

We're Experienced, Professional and Family-Owned.

We're a family-owned, full service company with more than 30 years of industrial construction experience. Our in-house engineers have the knowledge and experience to take any job from conception to completion, creating both a structurally sound and aesthetically pleasing product of work.

Call Delta and get it done. Fast.

With offices in Michigan, Kentucky and Alabama we have the size and experience to handle projects of all sizes and the agility to meet compressed time lines and respond quickly.

Although we specialize in foundation pits, we are fundamentally a complete industrial contractor.  This means that we are just as confortable improving or modifying your existing building structure as we are at digging and pouring your foundation pits.  With more than 30 years of design and build experience in all areas of industrial construction, foundation pits are pretty cut and dried.  To get on our books and ensure you also engage with a complete industrial contractor, who can handle the foundation pits and whatever comes up, just give us a call at 586.598.1390.

Choose Delta and we guarantee you will be satisfied with the job that gets done.

On time. On budget.